Attract new companies and members to the ecosystem Adding verifiable benefits Increasing value

YTC System

The YTC system is a form of economic organization, which is used voluntarily and in universal agreement, within our community. In uncomplicated words, it is a set of rules that govern transactions within the ecosystem that the Cooperative introduces. These rules are intended primarily to stimulate, through real incentives, the quantity and quality of commercial transactions occurring within the cooperative ecosystem of GDC.

The YTC system presents its own rules on Token behavior and seeks to achieve a number of objectives, such as:

  • Increase their appreciation in defense of collective ownership.

  • To satisfy our members through access to verifiable benefits.

  • To satisfy our members through access to verifiable benefits.
    Stimulate the GDC ecosystem and attract new companies and members to the cooperative environment for the Standard, Premium, Premium Elite and Business memberships.

Participation and access to the YTC Wallet, GDC Exchange and GDC Marketplace are completely free.

To achieve these goals, we created a tool that technically allows our Standard, Premium, Premium Elite and Business members to receive, store and transfer their YTCs. We call this development the YTC Wallet which has unique features.

To connect both buyers and Sellers of YTC's we created the GDC Exchange. A portal designed exclusively for all the members of the Cooperative.

To stimulate the use of YTC and increase its usability, we present the GDC Marketplace. A complete portal where registered GDC members can offer products and services with the sole condition of receiving YTCs as a payment method.

These three developments added to the set of rules on the behaviour and valorization of the YTC Token, which formed the YTC System and is applied exclusively within the GDC ecosystem.

YTC aims to preserve the true cooperative character by continually seeking to add benefits to its holders.

Quantity of YTC's in YTC Wallet

Number of YTC's Er20 in Genesis

YTC Wallet

YTC Wallet is a development that is offered free of charge and exclusively to all GDC members. It is the application that allows you to receive, store and transfer YTCs from one wallet to another, It will enable transfers to the Exchange and the blockchain in the event the user desires it.

The features most valued by users are the security and guarantee that YTC's possess. In a nutshell, as long as the YTCs Tokens are, stored in the YTC Wallet, they are protected and guaranteed by GDC in case of hacking or other technical problems. The YTC system has a dual storage of all Tokens.

Through a mirroring system, all Tokens stored in the YTC Wallets are in their cryptographic version in the Ethereum's Er20 wallet which we call the YTC's Genesis wallet. The number of Tokens that are in the Genesis wallet is the same as found in all YTC Wallets.

Ewallet Exchange Marketcoop

The transfer system offered by the YTC Wallet has a double verification via email from the issuer, thus generating higher levels of security.

Other features presented by the YTC Wallet are the differentiation between three different types of transfers. Those that occur between YTC Wallets, those that occur when sending YTCs to the GDC Exchange and those used to purchase products or services from the GDC MarketPlace, each is done with special conditions.

GDC members who own YTC's have at their disposal a team of Brokers supervised by General Managers who advise their teams free of charge on the GDC platform regarding YTC. Their contact details are found in the YTC Wallet.

YTC Wallet is a unique development, offering simplicity, security and benefits that transform the YTC Wallet into a unique tool for GDC members.


The use of the Exchange is entirely free for YTC holders and is an integral part of the YTC system.

GDC Exchange

It is the official GDC site to purchase or sell YTCs. Free transfers can be made P2P (Port to Port) from YTC Wallet to YTC Wallet. The GDC Exchange allows you to securely identify and contact GDC members who wish to sell their Tokens.

The Cooperative does not own YTCs, and since there is a finite number of them, only the holders of YTC can sell and transfer them. In short, the only way to obtain YTC's is from a Cooperative member.

The GDC Exchange is programmed to the strictest quality standards and allows you to safely contact another Cooperative member no matter where you are in the world.

Its exceptional commercial quality is to stimulate local contact between members and facilitate operations between them; it also offers:

  • Instant Publishing - Members who want to sell their YTCs will be able to publish the sale efficiently and instantly.

  • Guaranteed Transactions - No member may publish YTCs for sale if they do not actually have them available. Our system does the necessary checks and calculations.

  • Transactions in local currency. Our system updates hourly, the conversion of the various currencies that are in the world.

  • Immediate communication of the transaction and security of the operation, via email.

  • Back ups system and transaction storage.

  • Possibility to open disputes for discussion, between the parties.

GDC Marketplace

An area created especially for the use of YTC within the cooperative community. In our Marketplace, GDC members can publish their products at no cost, with the condition of accepting YTC tokens.

Its main attribute is to stimulate commercial contact between members since "What one offers, surely someone needs it". It also offers:

  • Instant publication - Members who want to sell any type of items, new or used, or offer services can publish their ads for free and instantly.

  • Each publication can contain up to 6 photos of the product offered and can be edited as many times as necessary.

  • Each member can publish the quantity of products he/she wants, without limits. It is an excellent tool for all types of merchants and for all those who wish to sell items that they no longer use.

  • The publications allow adding up to 4 variants of the same product, eg: Product: Gel pens in 4 variants: Red, Green, Blue and Black.

  • GDC Marketplace uses the P2P system (port to port) where transactions between the buyer and the seller are made offline, without intermediaries.

  • In all the transactions of the Marketplace we use a percentage of our utility token YTC, favoring its holders due to the value of the token in the Marketplace.